eswatini kitchen

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for more than 30 years myc has provided holistic christian care in meeting the basic needs of food, shelter, training and life skills to marginalized and homeless you ng people at risk through poverty in swaziland. father larry mcdonnell, a salesian priest, was and still is the leading inspiration behind this myc runs six residential homes for over a 140 boys, 5 skills training centres, a free primary education school and an entertainment centre among others. myc has also created 2 income generating projects that devote their proceeds to the various initiatives: eswatini kitchen and imvelo eswatini.


technoserve helps entrepreneurial men and women in poor rural areas of the developing world to build businesses that create income, opportunity and economic growth for their families, their communities and their countries. technoserve has been working with eswatini kitchen since 2007 supporting the growth of the business through consultancy and capacity building initiatives. how to make money real money

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project started by manzini youth care in 2007  to generate work opportunities and sustainable income for underprivileged women in swaziland.  imvelo eswatini designs and produces sophisticated and contemporary handcrafted ceramic jewellery and unique sisal bags that are inspired by nature and african art. fake reviews on ebay

fair trade original

fair trade original intends to make a positive contribution to combating poverty by means of development trade in collaboration with selected trading partners and producers in developing countries. whereby when conducting trade we attach paramount importance to profitable operations, sustainable relations, autonomy, and self-respect for the trading partners and producers.
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gepa ?the fair trade company

for over 30 years, gepa has been going new ways as a fair trade pioneer in germany ?serving the interests of the southern partners. the fair trade company offers to it锟絪 partners  long-term business relationships under fair conditions, long-standing and trustful cooperation as well as transparency at any level of the commercial chain.
gepa is part of an international fair trade network. together with numerous committed people gepa played an important role in germany in shaping public awareness with regard to social production conditions.  the trading partners are approx. 150 cooperatives, marketing organizations and committed private enterprises in approx. 40 countries of africa, latin america and asia.
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