Eswatini Kitchen

Our Farmers

Eswatini kitchen procures most of commodities it trades in from more than 250 local farmers in a bid to fulfil the company objective that is to provide market support to local farmers. Being a fair trade company we strive to ensure fair prices for our local small holder farmers. Farmers trading in tomatoes, chillies (cayenne and birds eye), onion, garlic, green pepper, and honey, amongst other products receive market support from Eswatini kitchen. From the marula and guavas season, Eswatini kitchen will procure from local farmers these fruits for the purpose of producing the seasonal jams. The company also support farmers with various fruit cultivars? specially oranges (sarville), lime lemons, grapefruits, paw paws, pears, peaches, and strawberries.

Extension support is provided by the company through an extension officer for the purpose of ensuring that the produce solicited from the farmers is whats is requested by the factory. The extension support provides the farmer with advice information on the growing and spraying programmes, the ideal time of harvest, post harvest management and standards to adhere to and compliance requirements on the handling of products that are supplied by the factory. Eswatini kitchen is also a supplier of beekeeping material, supplying bee farmers at reasonable prices. The company also facilitates training for individuals and groups on beekeeping and honey production.

Advice and training programs are provided to farmers by the presence of an extension officer under the Women Farmer Foundation. Eswatini kitchen supports Women Farmer Foundation initiatives which has empowered more than 2000 rural women and marginalised the youth in Swaziland through agriculture(